A few common error codes of Brother printers and means of solving them

Brother is a remarkable Japanese firm known for matchless electronic printers and sewing machines. In 1962, its corporate name was permanently changed to Brother Industries Ltd when it entered the printer market. In case you own a Brother printer and it breaks down, it can be extremely disappointing. Suppose you have an upcoming interview or a deadline or an important sales call that needs your printer to work, but it is continuously showing up different error codes which you are unable to understand, then you become upset. Here, you would need cooperation and intervention of a service engineer from Brother printer repairs in Sydney.

 But there are a few instances, where you can solve the matters yourself and get your printer back to work in no time.

Error Code E50: This happens due to malfunction of the fuser unit within the printer who’s primary function is to heat up in order to bond the print over the paper. Once the printer detects the problem in temperature with the fuser unit, which is either heating up more or less than required, it sends this code, which may be beyond your understanding. But before you call up a services centre, which offers Brother printer repairs in Sydney, you may try to switch off the machine for 5 minutes and restart it. The problem is supposed to get resolved; otherwise, the fuser unit of your printer needs to be replaced.

Error Code E51: This message pops up when your laser unit is not functioning properly. A laser unit is that part of the printer which marks the information on the drum surface, and this error code implies that the laser beam is not being recognised. This happens when the safety flap is defective or the laser unit has been damaged.

Error Code: Replace PF kit: This happens when the separation pads and paper pick-up rollers have reached the furthest point of their functioning and in this case, you are likely to experience jamming of paper. You will need an engineer from the services centre that offers Brother printer repairs in Sydney who can bring you original parts and replace it.

Error Code E60: A printer has four cooling fans, and this message is shown in case a fault has occurred in any one or more of them. Your printer will not be able to function until an expert engineer from a Sydney printer repairs company detects which fan is malfunctioning and replaces it.

Error Code E54: The main motor of a printer operates the main gear train which handles the entire printing functions. You are likely to get this message when your printer is facing trouble with this part. You can address this issue by switching off the printer and restarting it. If it doesn’t solve the issue, then turn on your printer after removing the toner unit. Once you get your printer back on track, you may replace the toner unit and start printing.

When your printer is not printing the text and image at the same time: Some Brother printers often go wrong while printing image and text together. In case you have to print a logo and a text, your printer would choose and print one either the text or the image which often gets frustrating. But there is no need to worry; you must use the anchor and set it to ‘As character’ for images. Then you will have to export to PDF and print from there. Even then, if you find that you are getting a part of the whole page in the printout or either of the image or text, then you should immediately seek assistance of experts in Brother printer repairs.

In addition to all these issues, there are various others, which cannot be solved by regular homeowners or some other professionals. In such cases, it is imperative to call the Brother printer technicians to check where the problem is and whether any part is required to be replaced in order to continue with effortless printing.

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