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4 Common reasons for failure in pump motors

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When it comes to pumps, most people wish they could simply turn them on, and voila, they get to run until the end of time without any impedance. However, pumps don’t operate like that, and even the best pumps can encounter problems here and there. Your typical pump problem leads to unwanted downtime, and this can affect your entire system.

The good news is that some of these problems are highly preventable. At, we pride ourselves on delivering the best pumps to our Australian clients.

Below is a list of some of the common problems your pump motor can develop.

Too much heat

Depending on their design, and application pumps can generate lots of heat. The build-up of heat is one of the common problems faced by electric pumps, and it is the main reason pumps fail. In fact, one could easily trace the common failures of pumps is excessive heat. The best way to improve the life of your pump is to ensure it maintains an appropriate level of heat.

Incompatibility with the material to be pumped

This is one feature that cannot be compromised. pumps can be very sensitive to materials, and in most cases they can be the reaction can be highly corrosive if the material is a chemical. Take for example in wastewater treatment that involves the use of caustic soda. The chemical can easily corrode, and have an adverse effect on plastics and metals. So it is essential you get a pump that is built with the right materials that can handle your materials.

Contamination and dust

Contamination and dust can affect the motor of your pump. Unless the motor is sealed, it has the tendency to attract dust particles and other airborne particles as it operates. As soon as the particles get inside of the motor, they can lead to various complications and damages. The level of damage is often dependent on the nature and size of particles.

Some particles can cause the build-up of heat; others can wear down contact components of the motor, and others can dampen the electrical flow of the motor. Our company,, emphasizes on getting the right protection to ensure particles don’t find access to your pump.

Improper lubrication

Pumps often run on motors, and inadequate lubrication can lead to some severe issues for the motor. Each manufacturer provides a lubrication specification for its motor. Little or no lubrication can lead to severe abrasion, while too much can cause a seal to blow. It is essential you have the right lubricant for your motor and pay attention to contamination as well.

All of the above-mentioned factors can affect the performance of your pump, leading to serious downtime, and the reduction of the life of your pump. It is essential you pick the right pump that fits your needs and requirements. As soon as you get your hands on the right equipment, it is crucial you carry out the right maintenance practices in line with the specified standard.

At, we give you a first-class pump solution to meet your needs.

The 5 Factors That Affect a Coal Mines’ Long-Term Operation

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Despite its lucrative future as an industry, it can’t be denied that coal mining is a naturally risky sector. In Kestrel, for instance, the site has been supplying coal-related products to different parts of the world. However, it also has issues on work-related injuries and environmental concerns. Nevertheless, the site is still in operation, which is a clear indication that the operators managed to address the specific aspects that could keep it in operation. What are these aspects? The following are the five important ones:

  1. Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Coal mine operators need to consider how the site is going to affect the environment. In Kestrel Coal, for instance, the operator has set up a resource management plan in place. This ensures that the company has plans on how best to preserve and protect the forest, wildlife, and water resources of the area. The operators also look into the waste management, making sure that the operations’ by-products are disposed well, if not recycled.

  1. Social or Community Involvement

As the Kestrel site continues to operate, managers should also actively create projects for the local residents. These projects might include environmental awareness, resource management, and land rehabilitation. Projects like this can help the local community cope with the effects of the mining activity. Some mining companies even provide research grants and scholarships to students to help them find ways to make the operations more sustainable. See here at Kestrel Coal

  1. Worker Safety and Health

The health and wellness of coal miners on the ground is also a priority. At Kestrel, there are regular health assessments and checkups for the miners. Following the Australian government’s mandate on worker health and safety, the operators are obliged to give miners the right safety gear and equipment to do their job effectively. Having an on-site medical first aid team is also part of worker health and safety measure. With this, operators can address emergencies promptly, making sure no lives are lost on-site.

  1. Government Assessment and Reporting

Government and industry certifications are also needed for a mining site to continue its operations. Newstan, Anglo Coal Drayton Mine, and Kestrel, for instance, are required to undergo regular inspections to see the safety of the site and its miners. Operators should also submit a detailed report on the site’s accident rate, miner attrition rate, equipment use, and profitability.

  1. Worker Compensation

Lastly, mining companies, such as Kestrel Coal, are also known to attract and keep their talented workforce through attractive compensation plans. In fact in Australia, professionals in the mining industry are the highest paid professionals. On top of their take home monthly pay, miners also receive generous leave credits and bonuses each year. Many mining professionals with managerial role even receive financial support for their accommodation and transportation.

Mining sites, such as Kestrel, who’ve managed to look into these factors consistently and effectively thrive. And they’re able to leverage the industry’s profitability. By focusing on these core factors, operators can see the performance of the site in relation to its main stakeholders – the miners, the local community, industry regulators, and the government.

The Ways to Ensure Your Commercial Building Is Fire-Resistant

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Fire is among the leading causes of unnecessary financial loss for companies. After a fire, business owners need to shell out money for repairs and compensation for fire-related injuries. This is the reason it makes perfect sense for entrepreneurs to submit business premises for combustible cladding assessment even before opening the office for full operation. It also helps for commercial building owners to do the following fire safety initiatives:

combustible cladding assessment

  1. Seek guidance from experts in choosing the right material for your building.

Even before constructing the building, seek guidance from a fire engineer Brisbane construction companies provide. With their help, you’ll know what materials are safe to use for your project, especially with the cladding. Non-combustible is best.

You can use fire-retardant materials, such as Corriboard, mineral wood, Gypsum boards, to lower your building’s risk of catching fire. It’s also good to use fire-resistant materials, such as glass, concrete, stucco or brick.

  1. Avail of fire safety assessments.

Contact a provider of combustible cladding assessment. Experts can carry out the inspections. They can organise and submit the assessment results to the lab for testing. They can also prepare the Building Fire Safety Risk Assessment report and testing outcomes. Experts will also communicate with the approving authorities and carry out whatever remedial building initiatives that need to be made to strengthen the building’s fire safety.

  1. Equip your premises with fire safety features.

Once the building itself is fire-resistant, the next move would be to set up preventative features. The basic ones to have are fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers. Use visible exit signs and labels for flammable items inside the building. Schedule regular electrical checkups to prevent electrical fires due to malfunctioning cords and wires. These are necessary to pass the safe cladding legislation, as mandated by the government.

  1. Design a fire escape plan that’s easy to follow.

Commercial buildings have high foot traffic. This means you should create a fire exit plan that’s easily readable and visible, even from a distance. An expert in combustible cladding assessment can help you with this too. Print a layout of your building, and post this at strategic areas. You can also orient your staff ahead of time about this plan for them to support the people in the premises.

  1. Strengthen your building’s entrance security.

Get your employees involved. Make sure that your security personnel are proactive about fire safety. As they check the luggage of visitors, encourage them to be cautious about highly flammable materials. This should also apply to vehicles that park inside your building.

Fire safety is a serious aspect to look into, considering that fire is one of the leading causes of work-related injuries. As a way to uphold your stakeholders’ safety, taking advantage of apt services is the key to cover this vital aspect of your commercial building.

Be sure to partner with experts of fire safety initiatives. If you’re in Australia, hire the services of DMA Engineers, they have a team specialising in assessments for combustible cladding Brisbane projects. See more at

Low Cost Outdoor Improvements for Your Home

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A home is not just limited to its interiors. Its outdoor looks also play a big part in its value and appeal. Take a quick look at the outside of your home. It might surprise you how you can still improve its overall appearance. It only takes little things and the right tools to get your renovations done. Budgets shouldn’t scare you when doing household renovations. Knowing where to find affordable materials and suppliers like Mower shop Brisbane for one will take you a long way.

Mower shop Brisbane

It is common to associate home improvements as expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way all the time. There are a few easy ideas that you can pull off to make the outside of your estate an even better place to see. Check out the following low-cost outdoor home upgrades.

Gardening and Landscaping

Flowers and vines are very common for curbs and open-space lots. However, these plants can easily look like clutter when left unorganized. Bring the inner green thumb in you. Rearrange pots, remove weeds, and trim your foliage. Aside from those, you should take time to clean up your lawn as well. You don’t have to ask professionals to get the job done. Purchase your own machine from a local Brisbane mower shop and keep your grass trimmed all the time. Click here Bethania Mowers

Furthermore, you can get trimmers for your plants in some Mower shop in Brisbane among other things you need for your landscape. Bethania mowers for one have several types of equipment for your lawn and garden.

Playing with Coloured Paints

The exterior painting of your home also makes a big difference to the looks of your real estate. Upgrade the colour of your roof, exterior wall, and even your fence. It’s time to redo the white picket fence with something more exciting to see. Look up for the latest colour palettes to keep your place looking modern. While on your way to find Mower shop Brisbane available, why don’t you check out nearby paint shops as well. The more vibrant the colours you choose, the more outstanding your house looks.

Pressure Washing and Decorating

Sometimes, all it takes for your home to look better is to give it a good clean up. This does not only mean sweeping and keeping the clutter away. This also means using special tools like a pressure washer to ultimately remove stuck dust and dirt. Gardening shops similar to Mower shop Brisbane specialties have pressure hose nozzles that you can attach to your own garden hose.

After cleaning up, you can then proceed decorating. There are a lot of affordable decors that you can set up on your patio or in your outdoor living room. A new hammock or throw pillow might be all you need to make your home cozier.

Upgrading the outside of your abode does not have to cost you all the money in your bank. It’s the little things that you might be neglecting that can actually make a difference. From pressure washing your walkway to getting your own lawn equipment in a Mower shop Brisbane, there are a lot of affordable ideas that you can do. See more at